Gas Springs

ICSN, Inc. is manufacturer of lift, support, damping and adjustment devices. These products are used in hundreds of applications in a variety of markets. We currently specialize in the automotive and appliances industries, and many more since we do not limit ourselves. ICSN has displayed versatility by becoming a dependable partner for its customers.

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Plastic Springs

Plastic springs compliment traditional gas springs and crank arm method system's shortcomings by applying height adjustment capability and oil free concepts.

Thus, our product is commonly used in areas relating to any types of systems that require door openings, such as furniture cabinets, to offer more convenience.

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Height adjustment capabilities

A fundamental notion of plastic springs is height adjustment. Our plastic spring can stop the door at a fixed location for a user. The user can then open and keep the door opened at the desired location. We are sure that this is a one of a kind user-friendly product.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion has been a problem for the traditional gas spring and crank arm system for a long time. To overcome this issue, we have applied solid plastic on our outer material. Our plastic spring's solidity offers a clean solution to corrosion problems.

Cost Reduction

The traditional gas spring’s manufacturing process is very complicated and require a lot of high cost materials during production. However, the production for plastic springs is much faster and cost-efficient because most of the components are made with plastic. Therefore, producing plastic springs is the solution that corresponds with the manufacturer's cost reduction program.

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