ICSN understands the importance of logistics and has built relationships with various custom houses, freight forwarders and international logistics specialists.

With our expertise in off-shore manufacturing, international trade, and supply chain management, we offer global logistics services that can improve our client's productivity. ICSN also offers a "Cost Down" concept of logistics which promotes direct influence on our firm's competitiveness.

ICSN recognizes that moving product around the globe can be a complicated endeavor. ICSN's logistics staff understands these complexities and works to make sure product moves from point to point in a timely and efficient way based on our customers' priorities.

1. Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory: A means of optimizing Supply Chain performance in which the supplier is responsible for maintaining their customers inventory levels. The Customer will notify VMI suppliers to their inventory and usage data and VMI supplier will be responsible for generating replenishment orders.

There are several aspects of VMI that benefit both the Supplier and the Customer. Here is a partial listing:

Dual Benefits:
Computer communications reduce the number of data entry errors and increase the speed of processing. Both parties strive to provide great service to the end customer so having the correct item in stock when the end customer needs it benefits all parties involved. A strong partnership is formed between the suppliers and the customer as they work closely together and strengthen their ties by stabilizing the timing of Purchase Orders which are now generated on a predefined basis.

Customer Benefits:
The goal is to have an improvement in supplier and production fill rates for the end customer along with a decrease in shortages and inventory levels. Planning and ordering costs will decrease due to the responsibilities of the supplier. The overall service level is improved by having the right product at the right time as the suppliers are extremely focused on providing exceptional customer satisfaction.

Suppliers Benefits:
The visibility of our customer’s inventory level and usage data is useful when conducting regular manufacturing forecasts. In addition, it helps in decreasing the number of customer ordering errors and assists in identifying priorities. Before VMI, a supplier previously had little to no means of seeing the quantity of products that are in the customer’s pipeline. With VMI, the supplier is now able to see the potential need for an item before the item is ordered.

2. Safety Stock

ICSN can set up safety stock in an onsite location to ensure product availability for any unforeseen spikes in demand or delays in transit. Our safety stock levels depend on the demand, the uncertainty in the forecast, the replenishment lead time, and the typical lot sizes. We aim to minimize potential forecast errors; therefore, our mission is to set up safety stock systems as well as to process the flow of information in order to allow customers to get closer to their desired benchmarks of verified accuracy.

We are confident that utilizing ICSN’s well-established safety stock program should significantly increase your productivity.

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