Consulting Practices

ICSN believes that with today’s competitive market environment, manufacturers, OEMs, suppliers and distribution partners must seek increased synergies, efficient processes, and opportunities for collaboration.

Our expertise extends to every segment of the industry and every link on the value chain. Supported by many years of mass production, VMI, and supply chain management, our consulting approach resolves high cost operational issues through state of the art analysis methods.

ICSN Consulting Model
  • Incorporate as a comprehensive collaborator of the client
  • Collect data for analysis of current means of client’s procurement
  • Strategize the method for the most effective production
  • New solution for higher revenue while keeping the essentials

In order to compete in the current market, we enhance productivity and reduce costs whenever it is possible. We also have internal experts who implement technical specifications and regulatory procedures by ensuring quality assurance and control.


Our well-established logistics specialist partners and trustworthy distributors reduce the number of complex operations, thus leading to reliable procurement. We understand how crucial it is to maintain our ability to be competitive by mobilizing various factors in our operational environments.

Offshore Advantages

We recognize the importance of sustaining strong offshore commercial partnerships. We currently have satellite offices in China, Vietnam, and Korea that ensure well-organized and up-to-date operations. Our logistics associates find the quickest and most efficient means of transportation and delivery.

Supply Chain Management

ICSN develops and maintains a supply chain database through our firmly rooted business partners both locally and globally. We also identify and leverage the effects of supply chain to improve financial outcome and time-efficient performances. Our overseas manufacturing partners reduce supply channels and contribute to our customer’s profitability.

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