About Us

Since the inception of ICSN, Inc., we have been committed to serving our business partners by helping them achieve success. The core asset of ICSN, Inc. is our global presence. Headquartered in Corona, CA we also have satellite offices located in Incheon, Korea; Ha Noi City, Vietnam; Dongguan, China; and Ningbo, China. These establishments assist customers with easier business transactions by making them friendlier and more efficient. Our goal is to help our customers by creating a friendlier and more efficient work environment in order to make business transactions easier.

We have comprehensive knowledge of each country and their corresponding business culture as if we are locals. This has proven to be a great benefit to our current business partners. By utilizing our network of international contacts, we transform foreign markets into familiar and navigable territory.

ICSN supports clients with complete design for manufacturability, engineering, and contract manufacturing to enable maximum efficiency for our OEM clients’ business operations. We have the best people, networks, resources, and manufacturing expertise to manage and ensure your offshore program is a success. Our extensive network of independent entrepreneurial manufacturers throughout Asia can keep your company competitive based on current market standards. With more than 25 worldwide sales locations in addition to our offices in Vietnam, Korea, China, and the U.S., ICSN provides unsurpassed program management and support.

Our focus is to create opportunities for our clients by providing truly significant products and services that can grow their business. We strive to build symbiotic relationships with our clients and partners by creating synergy the global business environment.

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Corporate Headquarters
521 Princeland Ct,
Corona, CA 92879
Tel: (951) 687 – 2305
Fax: (951) 346 – 3355