ICSN's engineering service includes electrical, mechanical, and industrial, which focused in the design development and modification for better performance of the machines, designs and products. Typically, our service is used in an industry where considerable design and analysis are required.

Through adaptation, and implementation of the Computer Aided Design (CAD) system and Solid Works, ICSN supports the prestigious services that fabricate high quality end products, which reflected by the customer satisfaction. Also, ICSN has engineering and technical personnel on its staff with extensive experience in various engineering area.

Moreover, our in-house electrical mechanical design personnel are able to accommodate our clients' requirement such as mother board design, system assemblies, and much more through network of top class engineering team which established over the years.

ICSN uses the latest technology to design and support the client's required complicated tasks and it has contributed to the success of ICSN.

1. Product Design & Development

ICSN also work with clients from the product development stage where we support the new product design of mechanical hardware to electronic components such may include mother board, hub-card, and wire harness designs. With a network of various prestigious electronic manufacturers, designers, and consultants, we provide top-class products and services.

2. Marketing & Distribution

ICSN created strong network of marketing and sales teams within US. Throughout the years, ICSN was fortunate to working close with more than 40 outside sales representatives who promotes our company and products to potential customers in North America. ICSN's representatives currently serve mechanical hardware and electronics OEM & ODM programs.

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