Cables & Wire Harnesses

ICSN, Inc. is a major manufacturer of high quality precision cable harnesses utilized in various industries. We also specialize in application-specific wire harnesses and assemblies, as well as bulk data communications, fiber optic, electronic and electrical cable, for a wide variety of OEM products and markets.

Our combination of design engineering support, consistent and guaranteed quality, competitive price, and state of the art logistic system makes us a very desirable OEM partner for your wire & cable harness procurement requirements.

ICSN, Inc. offers a vast array of services to its customer base – each intended to maximize the value of every stage in the development process of custom electronic cable and sub assemblies. We also provide a full range of services which include design, engineering, tooling, production and packaging.

At ICSN, Inc., we leverage our vertical integration capabilities, diverse product lines and engineering expertise to offer continuous productivity savings through collaborative design efforts.

From concept to production, ICSN, Inc. has carefully structured the services we offer to competitively meet the demands of a diverse market.

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