PCB Design & Fabrication


From concept to finished product, ICSN, Inc. will provide a cost-efficient PCB design solution to meet your project needs, financial budget, and tight schedule. We can fill in as your state of the art printed circuit board design department. ICSN, Inc. knows that manufacturability starts with design and believes that excellent PCB design stems from two complimentary factors – strong communication and solid experience.

ICSN, Inc. builds quality printed circuit boards for customers who value product reliability, prompt response, and on-time delivery. We conduct a complete design review of all prototypes and production boards beforehand so that we can meet the customer's sophisticated requirements. With our design experience and our many years of fabricating PCBs, we eliminate many common errors. This ensures that your PCB boards are fabricated correctly the first time which helps keep us on track or ahead of our customers' schedules to market the products on time.

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